Services - Sea freight

Sea Freight

- Door to door , Etc... shipments To/From Libya is a core business of LMG “Sea freight (FCL and LCL), Transport of goods that cannot be shipped in containers”.
There are several direct services from Europe to Libyan ports.
LMG has a very good relations with all carriers serving our ports, enabling us to offer very competitive rates to / from various destinations.
We are experts in local Libyan market and thanks to wide international agency network we can provide optimal solution for transportation of your cargo to any destination

- Less than Container Loads (LCL): We arrange delivery of import and export LCL  cargo from Europe , Far East and  USA to LIBYA via different co-loaders.
There are several  services from China, rest of destinations are served via different transshipment hubs.
LMG can also handle your consolidated containers to Libyan ports and provide smooth destination service to your customers.
 LMG has big experience in shipping various types of OOG cargo such as:
-        Vehicles
-        Pipes
-        Oil & gas equipment
-        Machinery
-        Steel
-        Other industrial cargoes
 Wide network of reliable overseas partners allows us to provide “door-to-door” services for OOG cargoes.

*- Auto Shipping: RORO Vs. Container -- Which is Better?
Automobile and Vehicle Shipping.
When it comes to automobile shipping, you have two main options. You can ship your vehicle in a container or ship via Roll On Roll Off (RORO). But which option is better?
Both options can be used for your car, motorcycle, truck, or any other vehicle you need to ship internationally. It is important for your confidence to know that all vehicles are securely blocked, braced, and tied down ensuring absolute security during transportation.
Of course, we always recommend getting cargo insurance for your protection no matter what you're shipping.
RORO overseas shipping is a very popular way of transporting cargo to other countries. The idea was created and developed by the Japanese car manufacturers to ship their cars to USA and Europe in a fast and efficient manner by using specialized ships called “vehicle carriers”.

Nowadays RORO carriers can handle not just cars but all types of motorized, rolling and even static cargo: trucks, boats, buses, motor homes, travel trailers, tractors, excavators, cranes, and other high & heavy equipment and machinery.

International RORO shipping is popular with exporters and importers mainly for 2 reasons: cost and efficiency.
The cargo is simply “rolled on” the vessel at the port of loading and “rolled off” the vessel at the overseas destination. Everything is handled by the port workers. There’s no need to hire and pay export warehouse for crating, container packing, flat rack loading, port delivery, etc. This really helps in keeping the cost of international shipping down.
Shipping via RORO service from LIBYA. can be arranged from the major ocean ports: Tripoli , Khoms and Misurata.